Whatever its Wednesday

This site is adorbs. Thanks Jonna!

Finally found why being a New Yorker may not be that attractive?

Pretty good Halloween costume ideas. 

Awesome parent hacks. 

10 things you do not want to share with anyone. (Some are obvious) Warning: germaphobes stay away.

This is fascinating.

NEIGHBOR COMPLAINTS (Are kinda the best.)

Hidden features of iOS7 

Enter. You could win a $100 gift card from my company, gyft.

Cody would have these hanging on every wall of our house if he could.

Celine, you’re freakin’ killing me.


Whatever its Wednesday

What state names really mean. 

Bubbly boots brain power! 

Never get locked out of your apartment again. This.is.genius. 

These shoes are supposed to be confortable enough to walk up and down SF’s hills in.

Who made the #1 spot in the list of Americas snobbiest cities?

Celebrate this 4th where the first American flag was raised  in San Francisco.

I totally back this. 

This makes the San Francisco fog look REALLY pretty.

Dying over this. 

Polka Dot party 

I would spend $2500 on this. 


Happy 4th weekend everyone!

Fourth of July and DIYS

My plans for the 4th are always last minute, so these are perfect!

Utensil holders from Better Homes and Garden

Yummy and cute. 

Anything to do with funfetti. Thanks Brit + Co 

If you’re one of thooossee families. 🙂

If you’re into photo booths at your party/BBQ, here’s a cute backdrop. And some glasses for you to wear. 


These plates are adorable! You can use this idea for any party or event too!

These are too cute if you plan on doing some sort of fireworks. (They are easier to do than they look. Free printable included.)

Grown-up confetti poppers. 

Enjoy! xo