Whatever its Wednesday

This site is adorbs. Thanks Jonna!

Finally found why being a New Yorker may not be that attractive?

Pretty good Halloween costume ideas. 

Awesome parent hacks. 

10 things you do not want to share with anyone. (Some are obvious) Warning: germaphobes stay away.

This is fascinating.

NEIGHBOR COMPLAINTS (Are kinda the best.)

Hidden features of iOS7 

Enter. You could win a $100 gift card from my company, gyft.

Cody would have these hanging on every wall of our house if he could.

Celine, you’re freakin’ killing me.


Whatever its Wednesday

Cody- Did you know there is such thing as a cronut? Yes, croissant + donut

Not your typical baby bump photos. 

This is the coolest 102 year I know.

New York, another reason I love the crap out of you. 88 pianos have been placed in city parks for anyone to play.

Starbucks, can you let me pay for coffee with a kiss too?

You Tube’s offices are sweeeet.

The Coca-Cola ice bottle. 

These maps explain so much about the U.S. (As in why some people say sneakers vs. tennis shoes.)

Really cool Kickstarter projects on Brit + Co.

Did you enter this contest? 

The sweetest note from one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks Anne for sharing with me!

Is Your Momma a TOP MOM?

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