Whatever its Wednesday

This site is adorbs. Thanks Jonna!

Finally found why being a New Yorker may not be that attractive?

Pretty good Halloween costume ideas. 

Awesome parent hacks. 

10 things you do not want to share with anyone. (Some are obvious) Warning: germaphobes stay away.

This is fascinating.

NEIGHBOR COMPLAINTS (Are kinda the best.)

Hidden features of iOS7 

Enter. You could win a $100 gift card from my company, gyft.

Cody would have these hanging on every wall of our house if he could.

Celine, you’re freakin’ killing me.


Whatever its Wednesday

Weird, but awesome facts about hot air balloons. 

Using rap music to teach kids about science. 

Even if studies say you can, will you have a drink or two during pregnancy? 

Adorable kid’s birthday party. 

Woah. Aluminum foil is not just for covering baking sheets anymore.

I miss eating like this everyday

I loved each and every one of these 50 rules of vacation. 

How to keep guacamole green. 


Can’t find out why a particular website is down? Here is your answer

Whatever its Wednesday


The details behind Oprah’s afro wig. It may or may not have included 7 bags of hair.

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Edition. Wasn’t it soooo good this week?

Madonna- you cray.

This is one of my favorite interviews. 

I DEFINITELY have a little Lisa Simpson in me. 

Can I move in?

Lemons are the shit. 


There are only 5 things in order to tell a successful story. 

Hulu has their own series too. The Awesomes.