My Trip to Italy: The Vatican

The Vatican was stunning. I got the only history lesson I needed being in the Vatican for a few hours. I literally contemplated touring the rest of what Rome has to offer. Our tour and tour guide was awesome. We learned so much from her.


Headed to the Vatican in the rain. The story of my Rome life.


Pretty tickets.


So pumped! (Mostly because we could understand our tour guide.)


The Vatican Garden


Vatican guard dog. Hoping to get one of our own someday.


Another pretty gardenesque corridor.


I felt so bad ass wearing gladiator sandals in Rome.


Cody being serious, Matt obviously not. (That is some serious 3M on that Nike jacket)


Lots of statues.


The most amazing room that had a ceiling to die for and that was filled with gorgeous historial tapestries.


These chairs are pretty much permanent now as the new pope speaks to the people regularly. How cool is that?



Pope Cody Benedict.

Up next… more Rome! (And the pictures are more exciting. Trust.)


One thought on “My Trip to Italy: The Vatican

  1. I loved your photos from visiting the Vatican in Italy! A trip like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a place with so much history.

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