Whatever its Wednesday

These dinner rules are kinda spot on. Highly recommend to take into consideration before cooking.

An app for on demand massages in your home. Dreamy.

Roaming giraffes. 

You don’t need convincing to buy Patagonia, but just thought I would give ya some additional support.

Baby showers? Brunches? Here are 10 two ingredient appetizer recipes.

Can’t keep up with all the collaborations out there? Go here. (Ps- Kate Young for Target is here)

Woah. This is what 2,000 calories looks like.

Cutie pie of a book for those that are about to have their second child.

Dispensing art instead of cigarettes, soda, candy, etc… Rad.

50 ways to use coconut oil.

Hey- Im reading this book right now. Pretty funny so far.


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