whatever its wednesday

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wait. did you see that there is a new silicon valley reality show?

fun 30th birthday party (yes, i am starting to take notes)

a. west elm has a blog. b. its really good. c. taylor from sterling style  and the glitter guide is on it!

another hampton heartbreaker 

jay z- your yacht has nothing on these. 

i love each and every one of these etsy finds!

jonathan adler’s fall handbags!

6 chic ways to decorate a pumpkin (my favorite is the centerpiece) and chic halloween decor. (dont worry, its not the typical spider webs and  skeletons)

Have you seen Anthro’s new accessories??? gorg.

90 days, 90 reasons.  I know its not like me to preach anything political, but there are some wonderful people behind this and some GREAT writing.

so Brit from Brit + Co came in yesterday and these are PERFECT for DIY beginners. Sign up! ( Potter- Im talking about me + you. Well, all of us actually :))

this home in London. I see a touches of Jenna Lyons in there.


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