whatever its wednesday

this dining room is on the top of my dining room lists. do i have a dining room list?

i am having so much fun watching Erin’s new home transformation 

i know you might be like thanks but no thanks when finding out there is a blog about how people met, but my better half is so cute. amanda is a photographer and tells the stories of how couples met. dont worry its not cheesy, gross (kissy engagement photos), or TMI (the stories are one paragraph!)

BEAUTIFUL public schools. They do exist.

run 30 miles in 30 days. ive been so sporadic with my runs lately. this wil help me get more focused.

you know the classiest clutches out there right now by clare vivier? well,  get to know her a little better and look in her closet!

these pumps 

sooo apparently I need to get this cook book.

cutest taco party. makes me want to have one more before the summer ends


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